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Kevin Lugon

Hi ! I’m Kevin, I am Swiss/Filipino born and raised in Geneva. I speak English, French and Filipino fluently and can understand Spanish.

Before becoming a driving instructor, I was working in trading between Asia and Europe but in 2018 I have decided to switch careers and became a driving instructor.

I started in 2018, helping people who needed to exchange their foreign license into a Swiss one and since 2022, I started giving driving lessons to beginners.

I would say that my daily driving lessons would be around 70 to 80 % English lessons.

Geneva and Lausanne are global cities, and I believe that everyone, regardless of their native language, should have access to quality driving education.

Sébastien Ramseyer

Hi, I am Sébastien. I am 100% Swiss and I have been living in Geneva for more than 20 years. I speak of course English, French but also Italian and German.

I founded a private school back in 2005 where I was teaching French, English, German, accounting, Maths and other school subjects. Then I decided to become a driving instructor and founded a few years after the biggest driving school in Western Switzerland.

In parallel, I was able to get a Bachelor and even recently a Master degree in Psychology at University. This formation is certainly helping me to cope with specific learning situations such as driving phobia, anxiety or accident traumas.

I have now decided to found a new driving school with my colleague Kevin, specifically dedicated to English speaking drivers, as the demand is really high in Western Switzerland and the offer, at the same time, is really poor.

I am sharing my time between driving lessons, some admin work and of course continuous formation in the Psychological field.

I am looking forward to helping you get your Swiss driving license!